Very soft and creamy beard butter more like a woman's night cream than a bomb or anything that you would usually get. A little goes a long way even on my larger beard. It has a refreshing and clean scent. A very good product. Its great for conditioning the beard very nicely and leaves it nice, soft and shiny.

James, NY

I never knew that my beard needed a butter, but I’m glade I found this beard butter. My beard never looked so good.

Aaron, Ca

I purchased for my husband and he absolutely loves it . I love it too. No more scruffy beard scratching my face. 

Tameka, CA

The #3 recoil lotion is the best product I’ve purchased ever!!!



A little bit of moisture sealant goes a long way in my hair, I love it.

Dominique, CA.

 First off, I want to say THANK YOU for the amazing Smiling Curls products!! My hair and scalp absolutely love them-- the scalp oil and hair cream have been my saving grace in the winter.

Stacey, CA

My New Favorite Hair care company. I'm so in love with all the products. Not to mention best customer service ever.

Michelle, TN

When  I say I love this product (daily lotion) it is an understatement. The smell alone is so yummy, and the way it makes my hair feel is beyond this world. I will definately be purchasing more!!!!

Jennifer, AZ

My favorite product right now is the Scalp Oil. It works wonders on my 4c Hair. I apply it to my scalp and let it sit for a few minutes and tangles be gone.  I can comb through my hair with so much ease. I also use the scalp oil while wearing protective styles and have noticed more new growth in a short period of time. I'm so happy also that all ingredients are organic. Definitely recommending this product line to my nappy head family lol.   

Linzey, NY

My husband has been using the ultimate Beard Collection since I purchased it for him on his birthday. Now he refuses to leave the house without touching up his beard. I don't know if I created a monster or what. He spends more time in the mirror than me now. Its safe to say he is a fan of Juices and Berries Ultimate Beard collection. 

Brenda, CA

Brown sugar body Butter! You need it in your life. It leaves my skin feeling so soft but not oily.

Erin, WA

I purchased almost all of the product line so far, and I must say I have no complaints about any. The body butters leave my skin soft. The hair products has my hair shinning and much more manageable. I'm happy my mother told me about this place.

Candice, NJ

I'm so thankful I found this product line. It has been the saving grace for my daughters hair.

Mary, CA

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