Hair 101 Series (What you need to know about Hair Density)

Hey Curlfriends,

I'm happy you have decided to join me for hair 101.Today's topic is Hair Density. Now I know your probably thinking, hair density? why do I need to know that, when I just want to get thicker or longer hair,cute styles,products and fashion tips. .. Well, because it is a must know in order to properly care for your hair. So I ask you to be patient with me and your hair, I know you hear(read) me say that a lot lol. ... but Seriously, curlfriend when your first learning about your hair, it takes time especially if your transitioning. The reason it takes transitioning hair longer is, it takes time for your texture's (no typo) to come through. Did you even know that everyone has multiple hair textures?! So as much as I would like to just jump right in and discussing styling products and fashion with you all, I thought It would be doing you a dis-service by not truly giving you the fundamentals. 

So,Here we go.

Have you ever questioned why a fellow curlfriend's hair "appears"  thicker than your own? We are going to get into that because hair density is actually the reason for hair appearing or being more full. There are different factors that add to hair density, and they are; hair texture, porosity, and width (which we will talk about in another post).  

Why should you care about YOUR density ?

This information will help you with; product choices,styling and also what hair routine you should implement. Your hair’s density refers to a number of strands on your scalp. This differs from having, kinky, or coarse hair. Curlfriends I know we have sometimes made the mistake of referring to kinky hair as coarse. Kinky hair is hair that is tightly curled or coiled hair.When saying coarse we are actually talking about the texture of hair strands. Knowing the right words can help determine your hair strand’s strength and which products you choose to obtain your desired results for  HEALTHY HAIR.

Ok so now I want you to do something. ...

Time for you to check your Hair’s Density

Test 1

Make sure your hair is dry, because if wet, it may appear thinner than it is. Now allow your hair to hang down naturally, without parting it look at it closely from all different angles. If you can see your scalp with no difficulty, then your hair is  low density. If you can partially see your scalp, your hair is medium density. If your scalp is difficult to see, then your hair is high density.

Test 2

The Pony tail test put your hair in a ponytail and measure the circumference of your ponytail.

High-Density hair measures at least 4 inches

Medium Density measures 2-3 inches

Low Density will measure less than 2 inches

Now if you don't want to do that you can have someone who truly loves you count every strand within 1"x1" area of your scalp but I wouldn't hold my breath lol. ... Just go to a professional and ask to have your hair density checked, if, you are unable to determine alone or with a little help. NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!!!

Proper Hair Care, and Styles for Your Hair Density

Lightweight products are for you, they won't weigh down hair taking away from its already lacking volume, Utilizing an organic voluminous mousse will help hair appear fuller.Also using products that will increase thickness without clogging pours.Try a dry shampoo as a cleaning option.Because for you when you haven't washed your hair for a few days, the natural oils in your scalp come to the surface,and your pours become clogged easily, and pack on product  without hair absorbing it causing hair to look greasy and matted. 

Product suggestions:

Smiling Curls Daily Lotion- Is Ideal for Low Density hair as it feeds the hair all the right nutrients without weighing it down all  while adding shine and manageability.

 Smiling Curls Scalp Oil- promotes healthy scalp which generates healthy hair growth while not clogging pores.

Styling Suggestions:

A rounded simplistic hairstyle will allow your curls, waves or coils to fall into the prime place and give the appearance of more volume.

Medium Density Hair

 You are blessed you can use a variety of products and styles to enhance your texture. You can use a mixture of heavy and light products depending on the style you're trying to achieve. You can use heavy creams and butter's to give your hair more definition and hold for braid-outs and twist-outs etc.. Or using light weight products will allow your natural curl pattern to show through without weighing it down.

Product Suggestions:

Smiling Curls Moisture Sealant -is  great for moisturizing,styling,frizz control and adding structure .

Smiling Curls Scalp Oil- promotes a healthy scalp which generates healthy hair growth,with the right herbal combination of ingredients to aide healthy, stronger,thicker,and longer hair, Did I mention it doesn't  clog pores.

Smiling Curls Daily Lotion- Is a great light weight product that feeds the hair all the right nutrients without weighing it down all  while adding shine and manageability.

Style Suggestions:

Wash'n'gos are great because they allow your existing texture to shine through,however with  braid-outs ,Bantu knots etc. you will change your  pattern but give more definition and structure....


Choose heavy products. Creams and butter's are to keep your curls moisturized and together keep in mind the heavier the cream the more you reduce your volume.If you want to keep volume lighten up on how much product you use. You are safe to use non-alcohol containing gels to aide structure without the heaviness of a cream or butter.

Product Suggestions:

Moisture Sealant- Is ideal for High-Density Hair its the perfect heaviness to create more manageable coils, while moisturizing,styling,controlling frizz,promoting growth and more. 

Scalp Oil- promotes a healthy scalp which generates healthy hair growth,with the right herbal combination of ingredients to aide healthier, stronger and longer hair. Don't have to worry about it clogging pores.

Style Suggestions:

You can wear in style but layered hairstyles are my favorite.They work well for hair with high density because it adds many different dimensions.



Until next time curl friends. ...


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