Transitioning -No one told you it would be like this!

Are you ready for this journey ?Are you sure?! . …

OK,buckle your seat belt I'm going to give you a little insight on the first 3 months of TRANSITIONING your hair to completely NATURAL.(dramatic music plays)

In a time where information is constantly  coming at you non stop it is easy to become obsessed/overwhelmed with so many YouTube tutorials,Instagrams, Pintrests,Facebook pages and lets not  forget to mention the countless “Natural” Products that are on the  market for “natural hair”, it  is never more than just a few clicks away.  All of of sudden your lost with hearing  terms like “Porosity, 3C,4C,pH balance” etc and you're just trying to just trying to figure out

We’ll get there shortly!

Ok Woosah. I will be honest Transitioning can be difficult, and downright frustrating, when you're trying to achieve the hair of the girl you saw walking down the street. Go on admit it, you saw someone with a bomb fro and said ” I can do that!” and guess what you can but it will take take time,so don’t quit, in Time Curlfriend but for now let's embrace where you are now! Loving all of you, even them stringy ends because we are going to rock them just like she rocked her fro ;)

Just because it takes time  it doesn’t have to be complicated.

What to Expect

1 month - 3 months


Use Heating Tools, your has already been damaged enough, so put down the HEAT. Please also  avoid immediately putting your hair into Faux Locs, Havana twists, Box Braids or similar. Due to you  only having a small amount of new growth they will pull hair from roots (no matter who does them).In general  the first three months your hair is more susceptible to breakage and further damage, and we dont want that.

This is also not the time to get  into the whole hair typing (if ever you ever do at all). It’s just too early to tell how your natural hair will react.


1st Month to 3rd  Month

Commit to discovering your hair, and developing a healthy hair regimen (Visit Product Page for all Organic Hair Care made simple)

  • Sleep with a satin hair covering  i.e. scarf, pillowcase, or bonnet.  
  • Learn How to Properly Moisturize your hair- makes hair easier to detangle and manage (try Smiling Curls Moisture Sealant)
  • The art of Finger Detangling you must find it- it is the best way to detangle hair besides most of your hair will still be slightly straight so it’s the best time to learn.
  • Find your Go to Style (we will give you some ideas below)
  • Keep your scalp clean- can’t stress this enough, how often you clean depends on how much build up your scalp holds. Suggested once every two days  to once every two weeks (will take experimenting on your part )
  • Stay away from Sulfate shampoos as they strip your hair of its natural goodness
  • Be Gentle with your hair (keep your fingers out unless styling )
  • 5-10 Minute Scalp Massage daily to create blood circulation and promote hair growth.
  • Clip Ends Gradually (unless you want the big chop )
  • Lastly Please Be patient it will take time, but you' ll reach your goal. 

What You Have Been Waiting For  TRANSITION STYLES

Bantu knots are a great  go to, because you are able to blend  your two different textures no matter what stage Bantu Knots are a great Style.

Twist Outs and  braid-outs, are simple you can go the cornrow, 2 strand-twist,box braids  or flat twist as seen here. Apply Smiling Curls Moisture Sealant to damp hair and braid or twist . Leave them in overnight ( for the best results). The next morning, you'll have big, beautiful hair,  To prevent overnight frizzing, or breakage always cover hair with a silk scarf.

I hope these tips are helpful on your journey!

Until Next Time Curlfriends. ...


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