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Jindji Azeez 

Owner of MinëMuse

What Was Your Biggest 'A-ha' Moment?

I had THREE "A-ha" moments, actually. lol, The first one was when our pictures started going viral. Almost every shoot I have, our photos are featured on so many blogs, big and little. It helped me to know, okay, you're doing "it" absolutely right. Your content is pretty good, and you're gaining a lot of attention for this little big idea that you had in your head - KEEP GOING. 

The 2nd was when some of the wildest celebrities took heed of our brand; I don't have the biggest following, YET. So when celebs were checking for us, it was like okay girl - KEEP GOING! 

The 3rd was when I started shipping a plethora of orders overseas. I'm like WOW! MinëMuse is Worldwide  - KEEP GOING!!!

What's Non-Negotiable for You?

My self-respect. I've always been a respectable woman, and that will never change. I take great pride in that. Oh, and my prices. Those are also non-negotiable lol 

 What Were Your Greatest Failures/Lessons and What Did They Teach You?

Well, I don't call anything a failure. Everything and I mean everything is just a learning experience.  One of the biggest things that I have to work on, however, is being able to produce these mommy and me materials at a faster speed. I feel like I should be moving just a tad bit faster. You see how a lot of boutiques have new items and new photos like every single week? It's a little more challenging for me. But nothing is impossible, so we're working on it. 



What Was the Most Important Part of Your Whole Business Journey?

Well, I'm still going through the journey... I think the fruits are just now beginning to happen. So you just have to stay tuned. 

What Drives You to Keep Going When It's Really Tough?

The fact that NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE is doing this, and not like me if they are. Believe it or not, that pushes me heavily. But other than that, the number one factors are for one, my daughter. I'm a woman with a daughter, I WILL PROVIDE THE BEST LIFE EVER for her. I WILL PROVIDE the best example ever for her. I'm not here to show her a lackluster life, but one of the infinite possibilities. I want her to see how powerful her mother is, in turn, becoming a powerful firecracker herself, and then the lineage will continue. There's also a certain kind of way that I dream of living, every day. I visualize my life in such a beautiful, glamorous way, every single day, that it has to happen. It just can't NOT happen. It WILL HAPPEN. My daughter and I will live a beautiful life. And then there are people that I need to take care of, my family, I will take care of them, I'm into that. I'm into putting myself in a position to be able to change other people's lives for the better. Starting with my family. And last but not least, I want to CHANGE THE WORLD. I have to be a part of those people who put a dent in the World through influence, power, platform, and money. Philanthropy is my ending goal. These are ALL things that I think of daily. It all keeps me going. 


What's is your competitive advantage and why can't it be copied?


Haha. I am the advantage. Respectfully, humbly. MinëMuse is in a league of our own. NO ONES doing Mommy and Me, not the way I've set it up with myself and my daughter. I have this vision in my head, that I execute a little at a time, and there's no way anyone can duplicate it. They can try, which I've seen, but it's just NOT THE SAME! With my brand, I try to make sure our pieces aren't too corny - I see a lot of cheesy things around. Our stuff is fly. The most important thing is, Mommy and Me is never going to go out of style. It's not some trendy thing. From the beginning of time, our moms have been dressing us like them. If you look at pictures from your childhood, you have a few photos of you and your mommy dressed alike. Daughters are born every day. ITS NEVER GOING TO GO OUT OF STYLE, EVER. And MinëMuse is only going to get bigger and better. I've also let my audience into the relationship I have with my daughter. Which is real, it's authentic. So when you come to the MinëMuse community, you get style and you get relatable tips on motherhood. It's super fly, I'm so excited about where we're heading. 


 Who or what inspires you? 

I know this sounds weird, but Kanye West inspires me - He's amazing to me. His journey. He's not done anything he said he would do. My bestie Maxie inspires me, she owns a clothing boutique. Bird, he's a CEO in music, he inspires me, tremendously. My daughter Ashton inspires me, she's only 4, but she's my biggest teacher. There are quite a few people who inspire me. The bigger thing is though, I find inspiration in EVERYTHING! 

As the year approaches the end Have you began planning in 2019? 

I have no idea where 2019 will lead me. The last quarter of 2018 is about to be super amazing, I'm working on quite a few projects. Like NYFW - MinëMuse will be debuting our line in a runway show for New York Fashion Week. I'm excited about that! I don't know, I feel like the last season of the year will be taking our company to new heights. Stay tuned! 

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