Smiling Curls Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors 

Our D.I.Y Guru Ashly

Instagram: Ashlydanielaa

  Growing up in the Dominican Republic where everyone permed their hair or straightened it, I was always the odd one out with my curly hair. Back then no one knew how to tame or take care of their curly hair so, I always had protective styles such as braids. I started wearing my hair out curly more often when I moved to the U.S 12 years ago but I still didn’t know how to take care of it. On the journey to going fully natural, I’ve straightened it and even dyed it blonde which damaged my hair to the point where it broke off. After seeing my hair so damaged I did a big chop and researched ways to get my hair back to a healthy state. Through the years I’ve taught myself multiple ways to style and condition my hair. I’ve been enjoying my natural curls ever since! I’d encourage girls everywhere to embrace their natural hair even though society pushes for straight hair. I get more compliments and comments on my hair now then when it was straightened. Love your hairstyle no matter how kinky, wavy, or curly it is. Natural is Beautiful. Be Authentic, Be bold, Be YOU.

Ambassador Stephanie 

Instagram : curly.tineoxo

 I’ve been a cosmetologist for almost 2 yrs now at Dry Bat. I decided to go natural in 2016 when I began attending Beauty school. What made me want to embrace my natural? Well I started following some curly hair bloggers on Instagram and I was so amazed to see so many beautiful women embracing there natural curly hair, and from then on I’ve always been hesitant on, going natural myself until one day I’ve decided that I wanted to bring my curls back and embrace my natural beauty. So I went to the hair salon and told my stylist that i wanted her to cut off all of my straight ends. She asked me several times if this is really what I wanted to do and I said yes with no hesitation. I was ready to start my natural hair journey!  It was hard for me at first because my hair was very short and I wasn’t able to do much to do it but I always did protective hairstyles and made sure I didn’t apply any heat to it. Patience is key! 2 Years later and I couldn’t be happier with the amazing results. 

Ambassador Sandra

Instagram:  criolalopes 

 I am a mom of one beautiful boy and married.  
Maintaining my curly hair is very important to me I try to give them everything they need, properly caring for them and making sure they are healthy! I just love being natural

Ambassador Karen

Instagram: Kitzelreyes

 I'm an advocate for curly hair and self-love. I have been on the curly girl method for about 4 years. My whole life I grew up hating my hair. Since I was 14 I would wake up super early to straighten my hair and I thought it was impossible to get my curl pattern back. I had given up on my curly hair, I honestly thought straightening it was the only way to look presentable.
Beauty standards are all about silky smooth straight hair, I was tired of it. One day while doing my make up I came across a YouTube video talking all about The Curly Girl method. I was so oblivious because I had never heard of it before. Either way, I decided to give it a go. Being natural is all about persistence, patience, and a bunch of trial and error. It has not been easy, yet I haven't felt this good about myself in years. My hair has given me self-love and a confidence that makes me feel beautiful and unique in every single way. I still have a long way to go with my curls, but like I said patience is key. 
   I decided to dedicate my social media platform to talk all about curls and how to rock it because I didn't have that. I didn't have YouTube or Instagram to show me this was possible. I want to change beauty standards and show the world that curly hair is just as beautiful.

Ambassador Briana

Instagram: Brianaanamarie

 I would describe myself as being vegan-ish. I love clean beauty, and I desire to see people live their best lives. 


My natural hair journey began in 2013. I had long hair but rarely took care of it in high school. I would put excessive amounts of heat on it. To be honest, I did not like my natural hair texture much. I decided to have my hair done professionally for my graduation in 2012. However, when I washed my hair after getting it done, my curls were gone. My roots were the only part of my hair that was curling. I switched to clean hair care products, and cut off a few inches of my hair each month, in an effort to get my curls back. My hair continued to grow, but my damaged curls would not come back. Despite that, I fell in love with clean beauty, hair and skin care. I came home from work one night and cut off all of my damaged hair. I learned to embrace my hair and began to truly see the beautiful woman the Lord created me to be. 

I love the Smiling Curls product because it leaves my hair full, moisturized, and smelling fresh. As a bonus, the products are clean and vegan.