Growth Stimulator

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Smiling Curls Growth Stimulator was formulated especially for people the suffer with extreme hair loss due to traction Alopecia, Postpartum hair loss, Stress related hair loss and more. It was created for those that just felt like giving up on their hair. 


Now After Countless hours of research and test. We have have created the right combination of oils to herbs for the BEST Hair growth stimulant the market.

Our curlfriends have noticed results in as little as 5days .
Hair that would not previously grow is now sprouting they it was meant to.  

If you haven't received  your growth Stimulator oil yet, what are you waiting for ? 


Formulated with the best of the best 100% organic herbs and oils that will penetrate your scalp, fill in your bald Patches and edges and stimulate  your hair growth within 5days of continued use. 

Curlfriends have reported to have hair growth stubble in as little as 5 days, and after 30 days of continued use they are ecstatic , that their hair is beginning to flourish like they thought it never would. 

Some of Our Ingredients and Benefits 

*Jojoba  - seals in moisture and prevents hair loss and promotes hair thickness.

*HEMP - increase elasticity strengthens hair promotes growth

*CARROT OIL - acts as a sunscreen makes hair lustrous promotes hair growth

*ALMA - strengthens hair at the root stops breakage improve scalp health

*Peppermint OIL - stimulates growth reduces dandruff anti-fungal, Relieves a dry scalp, stimulates growth, and gives a healthy shine.


Always perform a patch test  prior to application.

1. Part hair into sections and apply directly to your entire scalp.
(If you’re wearing a protective style dropper between braids  and lightly apply oil.)

2. Massage scalp after application for 2 to  5 minutes.

(For best results Use oil Daily )


Be sure to capture before pictures and if possible measure your hair so that you can keep track of your progress. 
(Re-measure and track results every  14 -30 days)

Safe for natural and Chemically processed hair . 

DISCLAIMER:DO NOT USE  If you are allergic to NUTS and or it’s byproducts, DO NOT USE  if allergic to essential oils or herbs. We are not liable or responsible for illness or allergic reactions. Please read instructions and always do the 24 hour skin test as stated.