Organic Tea Rinse

Organic Tea Rinse

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Our Organic Tea Rinse filled with the best-dried herbs, which when steeped for hair rinse will provide healthful benefits for scalp and hair. Beneficial for dry or oily hair. Our herbal rinse will strengthen the roots of the hair to limit hair loss, provide conditioning and add shine and luster. Each pack can only be used once. However, the brewed tea can be diluted with distilled water for half the strength and more than one use. Use within two (2) weeks or refrigerate to provide additional shelf life. Return to room temperature or warm slightly, i.e., do not use the cold rinse on your hair.


To use: boil water for 10-15 minutes (distilled water recommended) and allow to cool. Pour over hair that has been cleansed and conditioned with Smiling Curls Shampoo and conditioner set.Then pour tea rinse over hair, Use as the last rinse (do not rinse out)and Follow up with Smiling Curls Oil or lotion to seal in moisture. 


Comes with 5 1 time use Bags