Mom's on A Misson Monday's

Wife, Mommy, and Ceo

Samantha Banks 

Explains how she juggles it all and what keeps her motivated along with some of the lessons she has learned along the way.

As a mom/ entrepreneur what piece of information do you think would be most influential?


First things first, prayer is a part of my business plan. Remaining spiritually grounded is a must because if your mind and spirit aren't right it will show in all you do. Secondly, celebrate the small milestones, progress is progress. If one thing doesn't work try another. It's 2018 there is always a solution. Last but not least sometimes you might have to do it small to do it big. That means if you have to downsize do it, stop getting your nails done, don't go out to eat as often. Make the necessary sacrifices to build your legacy.


What Was Your Biggest 'A-ha' Moment?


My biggest A-ha moment was while I was at my last job trying to juggle entrepreneurship and work a full-time job and noticing there was more money on my phone than there was at my 9-5. I hated my job but was scared to quit. When I noticed I had my paycheck and some on my voicemail and emails getting off work I quit.


What's Non-Negotiable for You?


Energy! If the energy is off I can't do business with you. All money isn't god money. I've made exceptions in the past that made me wish I listened to my intuition.


What Were Your Greatest Failures and What Did They Teach You?

I wouldn't say I failed at anything. I had trials and errors until I got it right and I don't stop there I continue to try to be better. I learn something new every day.

What Was the Most Important Part of Your Whole Business Journey?


The most important part of my journey is being able to include my children. Not only are they learning through observation they also get to see the what a workday can be like and see that it's not just fun and games. They get to take on real-life experiences.

What Drives You to Keep Going When It's Really Tough?

My children drive me to keep going. I know they love my flexibility and that I am not gone 40 hours a week. I think it would break their hearts if they had to see mommy less. 

The second thing that drives me is the thought of working for someone else. That would be a nightmare for me. Someone watching over me, telling me when I could eat lunch, making sure I'm completing the same mundane tasks and most likely having to pay childcare is just not an option for me.

What's is your competitive advantage and why can't it be copied?


I would like to say my competitive advantage is I am willing to teach someone what I know. Not for free of course; knowledge is free not time. The point is I am willing to give you the sauce and empower you to do what you wish with the knowledge. That helps people trust me. If they have your trust you have their business. I offer a variety of services pertaining to finance and business. They always come back for more knowledge, business or both. Many in my industry want to hold on so tight to the knowledge they do have and make you pay for their services. To me, that's counterproductive because I want to see my people grow as a whole body. If I don't share the knowledge they are liable to be in the same predicament and its bigger than just paying for my services. Therefore, I am not really worried about the competition.

Who inspires you?


The biggest inspiration comes from the people who have known me before entrepreneurship tell me they admire my growth and are proud of me. We can be our worst critique and see people from your past randomly tell you what you are doing is great it re-inspires me every time and motivates me to keep going.


What can we expect from you in 2019?


More events and programs that will continue to help our community elevate. Not in just the finance sector but in agriculture as well. You can also expect to see The Tribe of Banks grow ;)

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